Catfish, common name for regarding 2200 species of fishes, of that some 1200 ar South yankee. 2 families ar primarily marine. All alternative families inhabit water. Catfishes ar largely nocturnal scavengers, living close to all-time low in shallow waters.

The name catfish springs from the feelers, or barbels, that stretch from both sides of the upper jawbone of the fish and, in some species, from the mandible conjointly, suggesting the whiskers of a cat. The dorsal and pectoral fins ar usually edged with sharp spines, in some cases toxic, that ar utilized in defense and might communicate severe wounds. Members of many catfish families in South America ar lined with bony plates. a eu species, the Silurus glanis, or wels, is that the largest catfish, reportedly reaching a weight of 290 kilogram (650 lb) and a length of virtually four m (almost thirteen ft).

The blind catfish, found in caverns in jap Pennsylvania, has atrophied eyes, and also the Malopterurus electricus of the river and tropical Central African Republic is capable of giving an electrical shock. Another odd catfish, the alleged walking catfish, originally occurred in jap Asian nation and geographic region. In 1968, it had been discovered close to Boca Raton, Florida, following its import by tropical-fish dealers.

Its most length is fifty six cm (22 in). In “walking\to areas of deeper water in dry spells, this catfish moves across land (between bodies of water) by a slipping motion combined with a thrashing of its tail. additionally, a stout spine in every fin digs into the bottom to assist balance and propel the fish. it\s able to breathe air by means that of a changed anatomical structure that forms associate air chamber.
Some species of catfish ar believed to be among the most important seafood within the world. A specimen of big catfish, (Pangasianodon gigas) reticulate in 2005 within the river in northern Thailand, reportedly weighed two93 kilogram (646 lb) and measured 2.7 m (9 ft) long.

Of the various species of North yankee catfishes, the bullhead is usually fished for feeding. Of greatest industrial importance ar fishes within the Mississippi natural depression and also the Gulf states, a number of that weigh the maximum amount as seventy kilogram (as very much like one hundred fifty lb). The blue channel cat, or chucklehead, and also the catfish, the flesh of that is reputable as adequate to that of black bass, type the most important a part of the harvest.

Catfishes presently account for regarding simple fraction of the cultivation production within the us. Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, California, and LA all have intensive catfish farms; there ar a complete of regarding sixty,700 hectares (about one hundred fifty,000 acres) of catfish farms in these and alternative states. The us production of farm-raised catfishes exaggerated from but ninety million kilogram (less than two hundred million lb) in 1985 to over two hundred million kilogram (more than 450 million lb) in 1992, and industrial sales of farmed catfishes were calculable at regarding two hundred million kilogram (about 450 million lb) in 1993. New technologies like genetic improvement, recirculating systems, and management of diseases could still promote the expansion of this business.


Catfishes conjure the animal order. the 2 marine families ar fish family and Plotosidae. The Silurus glanis is classed as sheatfish, the blind catfish as Gronias nigrilabris, the electrical catfish as Malapterurus electricus, and also the walking catfish as Clarias batrachus. Bullhead belong to the family Ictaluridae. The blue channel cat is classed as genus Ictalurus furcatus, and also the catfish as Ictalurus punctatus.

Channel Catfish

The catfish may be a commercially necessary fish. Its tasty flesh has been compared to black bass. Originally found in fresh streams and lakes in central and jap components of the us and southern North American nation, catfish are introduced wide throughout the us. Catfish farming, or raising catfish commercially in giant ponds, is increasing apace within the southeastern us.

Brown Bullhead

Valued for food and sport, the bullhead, a North yankee species of catfish, lives in several fresh streams within the jap us. sometimes activity but forty six cm (18 in) long, the bullhead exhibits the standard whiskerlike feelers that provide the catfish its name. The bullhead is taken into account the foremost commercially necessary of all catfish.

2 seconds once Allhallows Eve it looks that each one the retail stores place up their Christmas decorations – attempting to capture the maximum amount of the vacation market as attainable. Typical ways in which retail stores use to maximize the vacations embody extended hours and sales. this is often all well and sensible. these days i would like to {present|to administer|to allow|to convey|to grant|to relinquish} you associate early present by providing you with some novel ways that to admit vacation promotions.

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