Email lists have always been an important business marketing strategy as this method allows all the prospective and current consumers to know regarding the offers and services of a company. Earlier, companies used to build email lists so that the prospective consumers could get to know the website information and a glimpse of the services projected on that website. However, with time, it has been clear that this method of kicking off the website doesn’t bring in that many dividends – partially because consumers have stopped reading such mails whereas others have stopped trusting companies that come to the consumer’s inbox to promote their goods.

However, email lists can be good enough to be used on leads as these consumers have already shown an interest in the company’s products and services. Social media business marketing and mobile marketing can be used to kick start the site and email lists would make sure that the subscribers from the social and mobile media are easily directed to the business, the website and the products that are offered. There are a number of other measures which can be implemented to make sure that a strong email list is made which can be later used for marketing of the products and the services. The first method involves making two different landing pages with the first one including a sign up for the site services.

Although the aforementioned might reduce the number of visitors, the number coming on the website would be easily converted to sales. Another thing which can increase the list number is by creating an additional blogging website and using that email information (taken from people who frequently follow the blogs) to direct them to the main website. Make sure that the main website has more content than the blog otherwise the traffic would flow the other way round.

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