Marketing activities can be of different kinds and they need not always be indoors and in closed conference rooms and halls. With summer coming around, it is the perfect time to plan outdoor events that can be fun and entertaining for your business guests as well as help to promote your company in unique ways. It can also be combined with employee events that will give a chance for employees to try different outdoor activities and make the most of the weather.

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Golf events

With more and more people being interested in golf or being regular players, organizing a golf event will surely draw in interest and participation. You might plan a golf event for business clients or executives to participate in. it could also be sponsorship of a local golf event where you offer privilege access to your clients or top executives. While sponsorship will get your company banners much exposure, designing golf gift packs can also be unique ideas to get your brand noticed as well as to enhance the association of the brand with your clients and employees.

Weekend baseball

Summers sees many families heading out to the baseball fields. It is definitely a favorite pastime in many places and can be wonderful if you decide to sponsor or organize a baseball event for your company. You could hire a stadium as well as baseball teams to play which would surely attract tickets and sales among employees, their friends and families as well as business clients. Again, smaller ventures like a baseball game along with outdoor picnic can be a wonderful idea for a corporate to get business guests and employees together.

Racing events

For corporates who wish to organize an exclusive event for their clients, organizing a racing event or sponsoring one would be a great idea. Companies often opt to sponsor such events, set up box seats or marquee tents as well provide exclusive facilities like dining and meeting facilities at these racing events. Guests and clients surely love to be invited to these events and treasure their association with such corporates.

Concerts and more

Summer brings along several shows outdoors. There are open air concerts of famous musicians or plays that are held. Regional shows or local performances that are highly acclaimed could be wonderful instances with which a corporate could associate with. Not only does advertising at these events help increase exposure of the brand or the company website, guests or clients who are offered passes have the pleasure of attending these events which offer high priced passes in general. These events are wonderful opportunities for companies to pamper their clients as well as high performers as well.

It is important to ensure that brand or company name printed banners, marquee tents, seating areas and others are prominently displayed at these events. They are wonderful ways to advertise and promote without advertising being the prime focus of these events.

Your business might operate thanks to hard, physical resources. However, the face and persona of it is your brand. A strong brand is something which is integral to the success of any business. The perception of your logo and name will tie in heavily with the way your customers perceive your products or services. If you think your brand could do with a pick-me-up, here are some tips for strengthening it.

The most important tip I can give you is to offer your customers value through digital channels. We’re past the economic slump now. Although consumers are getting back in the shops more, they’re still looking for good value. The internet is only becoming more accessible too, so make sure you maintain a good digital image. Before making a big purchase, a lot of people will research the company thoroughly on any digital platform they can find. They’ll be looking for proof of value; impartial reviews and recommendations. A decent social media following doesn’t hurt either! A product or service that fits nicely with their personal identity is usually a plus too. Once you understand your market, and know what to offer them, your brand will become so much stronger.

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My next tip is to produce visual materials which lends your brand authority. Or, more simply, make sure your business looks like a business! I know that it can be tempting to save resources by making a cheap website and tacky ads. However, if your customer sees that you’re using sub-standard marketing materials, they’re not likely to give you a sale. Have your company logo done by a professional graphic designer. Make sure your website looks professional, and is free of any tacky, outdated graphics. Little details in your marketing materials can also give off a stronger air of professionalism. For example, showing off pictures of your modern office or setting up landline mobile numbers. With aesthetics that make you look like the best in the business, customers will treat you like the best in the business!

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Finally, if your niche is appropriate try to make your company’s products a status symbol. If you have kids, then you’ve probably witnessed the following scenario. One kid gets bored of a toy, and leaves it alone for a long time. Then, another takes an interest. As soon as the former child sees someone playing with it, they want it again. This may sound a little simplistic, but the same kind of psychology will work on a lot of consumers. If you can get your product across as something exclusive and luxurious, then your logo will begin to wield a lot more power. Obviously this suits some niches more than others. Setting your brand apart is the main message to take home though. Do something that your competitors aren’t, and emphasise this difference as much as possible. The effects could be a pleasant surprise!

Branding is a tricky, elusive business. However, after some trial and error, you should be able to form a strategy which fits your brand perfectly. Once you have a formidable brand, there’s no limit to what you could achieve!

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