When it comes to classified ads, most of us automatically conjure up images of dreary old dining tables, soiled sofas and bicycles with patches of paint missing from their tired, late-80s chassis. But the classifieds have, thankfully, come a long way from the days when all they offered was second-hand junk with a free helping of musty, impossible-to-get-rid-of odour. Today, classified ads can be used for far more lucrative (and less smelly) means.

As with everything, many of the print-based classifieds have migrated to an online existence, though a small number of the traditional formats do still remain. From Craigslist and Gumtree to AdsWish and Freepages, the internet is awash with classified ad websites. And like their print-based counterparts, their ad space is incredibly inexpensive, almost ridiculously so. But nowadays they cater for so much more than just flogging unwanted fridge-freezers and knackered three piece suites.

Are you seeking more calls to your business? Do you require more leads for you or your sales team to follow up with? Believe it or not, marketers are now utilising classified ads to gain more calls to business as effective lead generation and sales tools. Yes, really.

If utilised properly, posting an advert on online classifieds has the power to make some serious revenue for your business. But you can’t just wade straight in there. Simply blasting out an ad in five minutes to masses of people won’t do you any favours. Taking a more precise approach will help you reach the exact audience you’re planning to target.

Car sales are definitely the biggest business use of classifieds to generate more leads and business according to Insurance 4 MotorTrade. When you look at the used car listings, you can find used cars such as 2017 chevrolet equinox , although around 50% of ads are from private sellers, you’ll see dealers making a killing from classified referrrals and even

Start by identifying your target market and developing your buyer persona then nailing your USP. Carefully construct your copy, decide on the right classified ad website for you and your business and select the most appropriate category in which to place your ad. Although this might seem time-consuming initially, these simple measures could dramatically increase your chances of getting a good response.

One of the most attractive features of advertising via online classifieds is they enable the user to track the performance of the ad with built-in statistics. Most classified ad websites come with a ‘Manage Your Ads’ area (or similar) in which you can see the number of views and clicks your ad has racked up, as well as the amount of times it has appeared in a search. And perhaps most importantly of all, you can keep track of how many people have responded to the ad.

With so much to gain from advertising a service using a classified ad website – and at so little cost – it’s difficult to fathom why so many marketers continue to underestimate the importance of using this valuable sale-boosting tool.

Build classified ads into your marketing strategy and you’ll be surprised to find that they’re still one of the most direct, effective ways to get your product or service in front of potential customers – and not just a place for getting rid of ghastly garden gnomes.

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