Do you have any urgent shipment that you need to send on an urgent basis? Are you searching for a reliable mail forwarding company that makes use of the Cloud technology? That is why we recommend you Access Logistics Inc (


Things you need to remember when hiring a Cloud based mail forwarding service

  • Assess your requirements: First, it is important that you should start by evaluating your individual requirements. This is the key to get hold of a good mail forwarding company. Once you have identified your requirements it will become easier for you to define your criteria.
  • Search online for the best services: You can easily search online for the best cloud logistic management company. Moreover, you can find the reviews of the services as well. You should shortlist the best options. When you are done with this part, then you should analyse the features and the packages offered by each of the services that you shortlisted.
  • Check for reliable customer support: Mail forwarding is a very intricate job so you need to check if the service is offering reliable customer support. If you end up selecting a good service, then they will offer you phone support during the office hours and you can always be in touch with the company through email support.
  • Investigate if the service offers a free trial: When you are hiring a Cloud logistic service, then you should check out if they offer a free trial. This will give you chance to evaluate the quality of the service. The best Cloud logistic systems allow you a free trial of their platform. They also have a nominal order limit. For example, some companies allow you to send about 6 orders at a nominal fee through your cart.
  • Evaluate their technology: You need to evaluate the use of the technology by the Cloud logistic service. Ideally, the Cloud logistic system should be balanced. Moreover, it should be grouped in data centres that are dispersed geographically. It is also important that the international customers should be allowed fast upload.
  • Provides safety of goods: The most important thing is that the Cloud logistic service should provide adequate safety for your goods. Their system should be such that your goods should be safe in the warehouses. Similarly, you should get appropriate security in their online infrastructure as well. The best approach is to go for companies that use encryption for the transfer of sensitive data.
  • Precision: Accuracy is also an important aspect in Cloud logistics. The service should ensure the fact that they ship the orders with 100% accuracy.

Now, one service that lives up to this criterion is Access Logistics Inc. This company allows the international customers to make the purchases from the US Retailer. The company gathers the items that have been purchased from the US Retailers and delivers them to the international customers. If you need any more information about this company you can check out their details on their website

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