SEO. A buzzword that drives webmasters crazy and makes those in the field see bags of money whenever clients request SEO(Search Engine Optimization)services. A career in the SEO sphere is very lucrative mainly because virtually every website needs SEO. But why is SEO so important? Well, virtually every website has specific goals in mind, be it to make money, spread information or something else. To achieve these goals, the website has to reach as many people as possible. To reach this massive number of people, it needs to be found on the internet with the best way to do so begin to rank highly on the most popular search engines.

When a website ranks as first or even within the top five for a particular search term, the terms that users search for, chances are it is going to achieve its goals with minimal efforts, and it all starts with ‘search’. By the way, search engine optimization is exactly what it sounds like—optimizing a website for search engines.

So how does one become an SEO?

Although the rewards are worth it at the end, the journey is usually long and hard. There is a lot to learn from the start, and with search engines continuously and regularly updating their algorithms, one has to keep learning. Therefore, to start a lucrative SEO business, you should be a fast learner and more so, be ready to learn continuously.

Second, one must understand marketing. This is because you will be optimizing websites for particular markets and you need to understand them to talk to them successfully. In addition, SEO is all about getting new and long-term clients. How are you going to land a client if you do not know how to market yourself? In the same breath, the best SEOs are client-facing. They know how to talk to clients about big-picture business objectives in an understandable manner without being too techy.

Third, have the right skills. A good SEO is one who understands and continually learns the best SEO practices, can code in HTML as this may come in handy and is a good writer. Remember that a huge part of SEO is communicating to an audience as well as robots: have HTML skills for the robots and actual writing skills for the humans.

When starting an SEO career, it helps to have an intimate understanding of different industries and thought leaders. You will need to reach out to the right kinds of websites and people from time to time to advance the businesses and websites you will be working on. In addition, you have to have the ability to keep up with the changes in different industries. Remember what we said about curiosity and the willingness to learn? Well, one way to build in these traits is to obtain a digital marketing certification.

Personal attributes that will push you forward

SEO is not for the faint heated. It takes patience, an intimate understanding of what you are doing and someone who is not afraid of a little bit of controversy. The best SEOs do whatever is within reason and ‘seo best practices’ do to push their websites forward. Sometimes that means provoking someone or being a bit controversial. That is OK so long as you do not get too overwhelmed and cross lines you should not be crossing.

Specializing is also an important aspect of being a well-versed SEO. We talked about having an intimate understanding of the industry you have the pleasure of working in. Being a jack of all trades will be more detrimental than helpful in this regard. In SEO, going deeper and not wider is the key. Specialize in one or two industries, and you will deliver results that will have your phone ringing off the hook.

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