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These days, SEO is a hugely significant part of any online marketing drive. While there are a lot of agencies at the forefront of the market, there’s still a lot of opportunity for self-employed SEO specialists. If you’re thinking of leaving your current SEO position and going freelance, then there’s all kinds of rewards within your reach. Here’s some tips for grasping them!

First of all, I recommend making sure all your skills are up to scratch. Seen as you’re reading this, you probably have a fair amount of experience in SEO already! However, young, digital industries like this are always changing. If you’ve had a long hiatus, then it’s probably worth brushing up on modern strategies and conventions. If you’ve never worked freelance before, you might want to reach out to other freelance specialists. You could also try looking into some professional search engine optimisation training. There are any number of resources you can use to fine-tune your skills. Just make sure the materials are up to date so that you’re not putting yourself a step behind the competition. Learn all about the best practices for freelancers, and the major things to avoid.

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My second tip is to market more than you think you need to. To be honest, I would offer this tip for anyone working as a self-employed professional. While there’s the potential to make more money as a self-employed SEO professional, there’s also a lot more marketing work involved. Back when you were working for an agency, the work was always there for you. This was only possible thanks to a large team of marketers bringing in clients. It’s safe to assume your professional site is already optimised, but don’t stop there! Email campaigns to clients who would hire a freelancer, PPC, and a good social media presence should all be considered. The aim is to get a stable of clients who you can rely on for a steady workload. That won’t come easily though!

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My final tip is to network wherever possible. As a freelancer you might not be the most sociable person in the world! However, making the right contacts in the industry can give you free training and a much steadier stream of work. It may also open your eyes to a whole range of opportunities you’d been neglecting beforehand. Try getting in contact with more successful freelancers and ask them for some pointers, or even jobs that spill over their workload. Your average freelancer will barely have time to give you some advice, and will want all the work for themselves. However, the most successful ones will be happy to talk to you about it, and won’t think much of pushing a few jobs your way. If you left an SEO agency before going freelance, then it’s worth maintaining contact with them too.

Being a freelance SEO specialist can be gruelling and unstable. However, it can also be wonderfully enjoyable and rewarding. The two most important things are to put the work in, and never stop learning about the industry.

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