Life coaches are becoming a lot more popular, people are realising that getting that extra push to help achieve individual goals is something which can be easily provided with the use of a qualified life coach. So what can a life coach help you with?



Whether it be vertigo, arachnophobia or aerophobia – everyone has some kind of fear in life. Personally I have a fear of lifts and elevators, I am not certain where it stemmed from but I am sure it has something to do with getting stuck in a lift when I was a child. Ever since that moment I have never felt comfortable stepping in another lift, even going as far as walking up nine flights of stairs just to avoid using a lift.  Sometimes seeking help in confronting these fears can have a significant effect on how you view whatever phobia you might have.


Even people who seem confident on the surface can suffer from insecurity at times. It is something which can affect us all at different point in our lives, but how much it affects us can differ. Some people seem to be born with an abundance of self-confidence whilst others need to learn how to build confidence up throughout their lives. Having confidence in yourself can branch out to so many different areas of your life and help you grow as a person.


Do you have a big business meeting coming up? Persuasiveness plays a huge part in life, it is one of the elements in life which is vital to everything we do in whatever capacity you do it in. Let’s take business as an example, you have a big business meeting scheduled with a potential client. How can you sell yourself and your business without persuasion, first you need to exude confidence in your business and then you need to tell this client exactly why they should choose your business. This goes the other way to, you could be the client trying to sell yourself to a business.


How many times have you made it a target to lose that extra winter weight, feeling absolutely determined that the next morning you will get up nice and early and go for a run – then when the morning comes you take a look out at the cloudy, cold harsh weather and your warm bed just seem to be so much more appealing. We can all lack the motivation to do things in life, whether it be exercise or getting that piece of work done. Having the right motivation can help you make the changes you need in your life to bring you to the next level.

Life Coaching can help with you in all these areas and more. A life coach can help you overcome all these barriers. Tony has worked with everyone from the normal everyday person to the largest businesses in the UK or some of the world’s best athletes. These kind of issues can affect people from all walks of life but with the right coaching you can leave these problems in the past and move on to a better, brighter future.

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